Spring 2018: WashU 2FA Expands to Most WUSTL Key Integrated Systems

Beginning spring of 2018,  WashU 2FA two-step authentication provided by Duo, will expand to other WashU integrated systems that can be accessed on or off campus. This service is expanding in the effort to reduce the impacts of phishing campaigns.

According to Dan Zweifel, director of Shared Infrastructure and WashU 2FA service owner, “Growing phishing email threats are leading the university to increase protection of both university and personal data.” Currently, WashU 2FA is required for WUSTL Key users to access HRMS remotely and to log in to the VPN system. The service provides an added layer of protection by verifying your identity through the use of a second device.

The WashU 2FA expansion will soon extend the two-factor authentication remote access requirement to most WUSTL Key integrated systems including: the Office 365 web app, Learn@Work and ONE.wustl.

If you have already enrolled in WashU 2FA, then no action is required. Faculty and staff WUSTL Key users that have not yet enrolled their devices can do so by:

visiting the website
launching the task via ,
On March 30 (the planned release date), all WUSTL Key faculty and staff users will be required to use WashU 2FA when accessing most WUSTL Key systems off campus.

At this phase of launch, students are not required to enroll. The student enrollment requirement is scheduled for fall 2018.

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